King Frost Parade- Saturday, October 29 th., 2011

This years King Frost Parade is Saturday,November 5th., 2011. This is the second year as the United Alumni marching together as one. All Alumni members are asked to report to the Kings IGA lot, like last year at 6:00 pm. Parking is available at the lot, but is limited. This year members from the Belvedere’s, Emmaus Sentinal’s, and the Reading Buc’s Alumni will be participating.

This years musical numbers will be “Hang Em’ High“, and “America.” We were a big hit in last years parade, and are looking forward to this years parade. Temperatures are expected to be chilly, so dress warm. Dress attire will be black pants, shoes, jackets, and your Corps hat. Practice will be done before the parade starts, and all are urged to attend so we can get that great sound we had last year.

Hope to see all our girls in the guard, as well as our great drum line. Horn line is always well represented. Keep up the tradition of what drum corp use to be. Remember, lets have fun !!!

Click on link below to view last years performance. I still get chills when I hear that first note of America.Hope to see you Saturday.


Alumni Corps United Drum & Bugle Corps


Belvederes Alumni from Schuylkill Haven, Pa.

Reading Buccaneer Alumni from Reading, Pa.

Emmaus Sentinals From Emmaus, Pa.

The Alumni Corps United Drum & Bugle Corps is comprised of three local drum corps from past and present times. The 2010 King Frost Parade will be the corps inaugural performance with many future performances anticipated for the 2011 season.

The Belvedere Alumni Corps is the reincarnation of a chmpionship drum and bugle corps that flourished for many years beginning in the late 1960’s. The Schuylkill Haven Belvederes Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps were organized in mid- 1965, to provide young people from the Schuylkill County and Lebanon County, something to do after school and during the summer. In 1967, the corps, under the direction of Kenn Greene, began competing as a full fledged marching and music group against other junior corps. With expert caching, practice, and experience, the Belvedere’s on-field performance progressed to the point where the corps rose to the top ranks of junior corps in the Mid- Atlantic states and beyond. The corps won the National Association Championship in 1973 and 1974. The corps continued to performed for another five years at which time, it was dsbanded due to declining membership.

The Buccaneer Alumni Association was founded in February 1981. Our parade corps was formed October 1986, and began it’s frst marching season on Memorial Day 1987. Today, the Buccaneer Alumni Association has 200 members located all across America, and currently 55 of these members  are marching in the Buccaneer Alumni corps. The Corps attire in the traditional Buccaneer Blue, White, and Black accent trim. This year marks the 24th. anniversary of the Buccaneer Alumni Corps, and are very proud to state our performance at this years 34th. anniversary of ” Serenade in Brass ” will mark our 23rd. consecutive apperarance in Harrisburg.

The Buccaneer Alumni is one of only two drum corps with an active DCA competitive corps. With our parent corps, The Reading Buccaneers, being the DCA Champion for the past 6 years. The Buccaneer Alumni Association’s management is the administration contact for the Alumni United Drum & Bugle Corps.

The Emmaus Sentinels Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps were reformed and have been marching for two years. The original corps was started i 1924, and continued and competing for 55 years until 1976. Since reforming, they have been entertaining audiences by participating in parades and concert performances. They have played the National Anthem for the Iron Pigs, a Triple A ball team of the Phillies. We are an all age corps, and welcome any new members interested in the activity.

Alumni Corps United Drum & Bugle Corps is very proud to perform for you the very popular patriotic ” America “, as our featured song and the famous and popular Hang Em’ High, for this years event. Sit back and enjoy the 110 member, 2010 Alumni Corps United Drum & Bugle Corps.

Click on video, to experience something you have never heard before. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have performing it…

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